A Family Company since 1965.

The Pellark Medical Building
240 Wharncliffe Rd North @ Oxford St, London ON.

Management Office:
2nd floor
Ph. 519.204.3058
Fax 519.204.3087
email: LaskeyProp@gmail.com

Medical Building Management Specialists
London Medical and Dental Building
450 Central Ave, London ON.

Management Office:
suite #209
Ph. 519.663.2207
Fax 519.439.0846
email: LaskeyProp@gmail.com

Medical Building Management Specialists

Management Services...

No Maintenance Contract
(Owner manages maintenance)

Rent collection & payment of all bills
Detailed financials with original invoices
Delivery of N4, N5 and N9 forms
24 hour emergency call service
Reception of tenant inquiries & maintenance requests
Adhere to mandatory fire & hydro codes
Communication of changes to Residential Tenancies Act
For a 1 - 4 unit property, this would be $175/mo (+HST)
Leasing services (additional charge - see below)

If you'd like assistance handling the day-to-day activities of your income property,
please give us a call.
Full Service Management

All the benefits of our 'No Maintenance Contract'
Plus scheduling and managing of maintenance work

Call us today to discuss the details of our management plan.

Laskey Property Leasing Services

Advertising, apartment showings, credit checks, landlord checks,
Employment check, product scores and fraud detection.
All for a minimal fee

As professional property managers, we truly understand the importance of reducing vacancies.
Call us and put us to work for you.

Professional Property Management
since 1965.